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Our house measured survey service offers a detailed analysis of your property, including accurate floor plans, elevations, sections, roof plans, and site plans. We also capture the essence with a photographic survey and identify key utility points. Our focus is on providing user-friendly, precise data to support your design and construction endeavors, ensuring compliance with industry standards. 

Surveys are undertaken in house, for a personal touch with your consultant. We do not use external consultants or other companies to undertake our measured surveys.

In some cases, measured surveys are replaced with a full topographical survey by a consultant to accurately identify the land and levels across the site. These surveys are typically only required on new build projects or where there are is a particularly large area that could not be surveyed otherwise.

Our surveys are undertaken as the first step in designing your project. These surveys do not include a full building survey to establish structure stability, however if this is required we can help obtain a report from a specialist consultant.

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