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For sites located in Canvey Island, Essex, we are able to undertake site specific Flood Risk Assessments to establish whether your development site is at risk of flooding. This is typically required upon New Build House applications but can also be needed for some commercial projects. 

The company director, Carl Brampton, was raised upon Canvey and has been heavily involved in the development of flood protection measures for the Island. The personal connection to the island, ensure we are aware of the bespoke conditions that surround the island and measures which are required to promote development whilst protecting the area.


This includes the preparation of site specific Flood Response Plans, Flood Resilience Measures and even bespoke wall construction designs ensuring that new properties built in the area are protected from Flood Risks. In addition, we also help develop sustainable drainage systems that ensure rainwater is handled and stored within developments to protect the main sewers within the area.

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