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Building Regulations is where the technical detail of your project is brought to life. We undertake details floor plans, sections and specifications of your build, everything that you'll need for a contractor to undertake the work. These plans are also often used as the basis for any quotation of building works. 

At this stage, if your project requires, we'll collaborate with other specialists such as Structural Engineers or Home Energy Advisors to gather all the necessary information you'll need. We already work with a number of different consultants so we'll gain quotations for these elements on your behalf so you don't need to search for consultants yourself.

Once everything is collated, the plans and documents get submitted to Building Control for Plan Check. We are affiliated with Castle Point Borough Council Building Control so we submit all plan checks to them. Any inspection works are handled by your Local Authority Building Control. Once they are happy with the plans, we'll provide you with the Plan Check Approval so you know the building design is in compliance with all regulations.

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